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Welcome to Tales from the ISLab. We are a team of researchers from the Information Systems and Knowledge Management Laboratory, at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Milan, Italy. We are professors, research fellows, and Ph.D. students, with a multidisciplinary background and expertise, from computer science to mathematics, from philosophy to economics. The core research topics at the ISLab are: Information Mining and Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Extraction and Representation, Semantic Web, Crowd-Collaborative Data Management. You can find more about our team and projects on the ISLab website.

In the recent years, you have certainly have heard of expressions like ‘artificial intelligence’, ‘machine learning’ or ‘natural language processing’. These fields have received a lot of attention not only from researcher in the computer science area, but also from people outside of it. ChatGPT and DALL-E 2 are just an example of AI models that have become widely known to the public, thanks to their amazing capabilities in processing and generating texts and images. These technologies are being developed by researchers at incredible speed and the number of possible applications is countless.

Engaging people about the results of our research work is a key goal of ours. Of course, publishing papers in scientific conferences and journals is the canonical way to achieve this target. However, sometimes we run into original case studies where the experiments show curious and fun facts that we think are worth sharing. What is the emotional profile of TV series characters? Is it possible to automatically paraphrase the Bible? What are the most discussed arguments among males and females in the Italian Parliament speeches? These are only some of the stories we want to tell on Tales from the ISLab and we hope you will enjoy them.

You can also find the codes and scripts we use for our stories on the ISLab GitHub Repository.

Feel free to share your feedback and comments with us on Twitter or via email: storytelling__AT__islab.di.unimi.it.

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The ISLab Team

  • Sergio Picascia

    Sergio Picascia is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Computer Science. He graduated in ‘Economics and Commerce’ at the University of Naples Federico II, and in ‘Data Science and Economics’ at the University of Milan. During his studies, he also participated in the second edition of the Apple Developer Academy. Sergio is conducting research in the field of Information Extraction and he is currently involved in the NGUPP project, working on NLP solutions for the legal field.